What are the real names of money

fun_moneyYou may not be aware that money isn’t called money all the time.

In temple it’s called “donation”, in school it’s “fee”, in marriage it’s called “dowry”, in divorce, “alimony”.

When u owe someone, it’s called “debt”, when u pay the government, it’s called “tax”, when you pay to the court, it’s called “fine”.

Civil servants retire with “pension”, boss give workers “salary”, master give subordinates “wages”, you provide your children “maintenance”.

when u borrow from bank, it’s called “loan”. when you offer after a service, it’s called “tips”.

Kidnappers receive it as “ransom”. Some people receive “bribe” in the name of service.

The million dollar question is “when a Husband gives to his Wife, what should we call it?”

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